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Ever After High: Thronecoming

Jonquil Goode, Laura Bailey, Julie Maddalena Kliewer, Kate Higgins, Erin Fitzgerald
Margaret M. Dean
After the drama of Legacy Day, the divide between the Royals and the Rebels takes on a whole new chapter as the students of Ever After High celebrate the fairest school holiday of them all - Thronecoming! The mystery surrounding our fairytale school deepens, causing many of our favorite heroines to question their destines. For Briar Beauty, she gets a painful lesson that being the next Sleeping Beauty means losing more than she ever knew. Meanwhile, Cerise Hood finds that encouragement comes from the most unexpected places. Cedar Wood discovers a startling secret about the Storybook of Legends! Most surprising of all, Raven Queen realizes she may have doomed the entire Fairytale world by not following her mother’s wicked ways! To make sure the story does not end in tragedy, she forms a shocking alliance - with Apple White! In a chilling climax, each of our girls gains a new understanding of their fellow classmates as they are thrust, literally, into each other’s stories! All this - plus a huge dance, lots of beautiful gowns, and an answer to the most royally important question of them all - who will be the next Thronecoming Queen and King! (Original Title - Ever After High: Thronecoming) - 2014 Mattel Inc. All Rights Reserved.